Vegan Teens

Vegan Teens

Janet Kearney, with Raise Vegan, will moderate the Vegan Teen Panel which will consist of the following York County vegan teens:

Jaden Weimer, Tzipporah Goins, Savannah Conley, and Emily Lehman

Jaden is very passionate about veganism, climate change and animals. His favorite things to do are visit animal sanctuaries, draw and rollerblade. When Jaden grows up he wants to be a veterinarian and run an animal sanctuary.

Tzipporah enjoys reading thrillers and YA books and playing with her two cats, Winston and Potter. She decided to become vegan at the inspiration of her older brother when she was fourteen. She’s passionate about normalizing the idea of veganism to the youth and black community.

Emily has always been a lover of animals. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and reading. When she grows up, Emily wants to work with children.

Savannah Conley is a vegan teen who is a junior at Eastern York High School. She enjoys writing poetry, running, and playing with her two dogs.