All Day Childrens’ Activities

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All Day Childrens’ Activities

12:00 PM

Raise Vegan will be running many all-day childrens’ activities, including:

Grocery – Shopping Area.

Greengrocers with fruit and vegetables, a cashier till, shopping carts and baskets.

Camping Area

Mini tents placed around in a big circle, with play campfires in front of each one.

Playing in The Park

Surrounded by faux trees, the children will have their own park to enjoy! Featuring a play ice-cream stand with costumes. Multiple outdoor games and activities. As well as arts & crafts area, coloring pages, and crayons.

Superhero Area

Dress up costumes, superheroes, princesses, masks, and armbands.

Little Kids Area

This is for under two’s only and will be signposted. Mats with soft blocks and soft toys.


Playhouses with front yards

Harvest Area

​Photo props for family pictures